Nibble and Kuhn – David Schmahmann

Derek is a lawyer at one of Boston’s leading law firms where he is up for partner when he is handed an injury case that will have him injuring himself when and if it is over.

The previous lawyer has been selected to become a judge  leaves Derek with the unbridled mess she has made of it.  Not to mention the huge amount of money the firm has already spent on the case when Derek has been told no more money.  Once he gets the files and begins to go through them, he is defeated already knowing that if he does go to court he will surely lose it and possibly his promotion when the trial starts in a few weeks.

To complicate things even further, the firm is re-branding itself, moving, and his current co-worker Maria who he has been having a romantic relationship with is giving him a hard time.  They both love one another, but Maria is promised to a someone who has known her since they were both children.  Derek isn’t one to take no for an answer.

As Derek is preparing the case, juggling all other stuff that is hovering him – the senior partner, Maria, the case, as well as all of the gossip and innuendo; he is finding that the case itself was even worse off then he originally thought.  The people who hired the firm are suffering from Cancer ( and in true Erin Brockovich style) he goes after the defendants.

He starts to ask questions that will either sink or have him swim…

Will it work?

While the writing was good, I felt that the amount of detail and exploration the author tries to convey may be too much for a person trying to understand what he is going for in the novel with specific legalese, but then again I may be wrong and it may make you a new fan to the author or its genre.

David’s Website

Academy Chicago Publishers


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