Hollywood Moon – Joseph Wambaugh

When it is getting close or very near to a full moon, do you notice things that wouldn’t usually happen?

Well in the Hollywood, things sure do happen.  The Hollywood station says it happens more and more.  The population being transgendered, aspiring actors, addicts, and other forms of life is to say that the earth really isn’t round.  The hollywood area always has a thing for being in the news as well, not all of the time good news either.

From the inhabitants of the area to the police officers who are just as quirky and interesting themselves, they talk about all of their expericences as they encounter the people of their district as they take calls from the public – a prowler who is attacking women, which will bring them a more sinister plot of one trying to thrown each other under the bus, to be able to get what they want, before the others realize what has happened.

I really enjoyed this book, from the eccentric characters, the stories behind the stories, to the theory of the wackiest that happens in Hollywood Division on a full moon.

Joseph Wambaugh is surely a master of combining the odd, the violent, and the stories that make it all a well-rounded and sometimes laugh out loud funny theories from the characters themselves as if it is just another day on the beat while the bad guys are meeting their demise in the midst of carrying out their bad deeds.

Listen to an excerpt

Watch the Video


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