Knit The Season – Kate Jacobs

This is the third installment in the Friday Night Knitting Club series where we see a lot of the past characters not only knitting, but sharing their lives as well – going off in different directions, new professions, new countries, marriages,  wondering where and when they will be all together again.

As they all get ready for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years all of the characters you have come to know and love are back with some major changes in their lives, as well as a trip to Scotland to celebrate one last Christmas with family.

I am not familiar with the series,  this is the first I have read of Kate’s work, but for me it was a good read for those who want to continue or even as a stand apart book.

The coming together of women from many generations who not only share their love for knitting and of course each other – the trials and tribulations of life itself make the coming together of these women all the more important.  I felt the cohesiveness of the group even though they all had their disagreements with one another,  sharing their closely knit lives as they all go and do their own individual needs as they grow and experience life.

The winners have been picked for the mitten giveaway that I held in honour of this book coming out, so the ones that have won, your packages have been mailed out, and I hope that they reach you before the coming holidays ! So, congratulations.

Penguin / Putnam

Kate’s Website


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