No Survivors – Tom Cain

In this political thriller from Tom Cain, Samuel Carver is at odds of who he is…

He’s presently in a sanitorium in Switzerland not remembering why he is there.  But the images that he feels and sees in his nightmares are driving him to panic attacks along with the amnesia he is currently suffering from.

Once the love of his life for many years, former Russian agent Alix, who is with him trying to help him regain his memory and get well.  One day, she leaves him alone and comes into contact with her former boss with a mission and a chance to return to the life she lived previously in comfort.  Samuel is gaining his memory back, and comes back as never before.

Once long ago, briefcases were made and put in all different places around the world that have nuclear bombs inside them.  No ones knows where a specific list is where all of the locations of these briefcases are, but rumours are saying it is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Everyone that knows of this list is trying to get their hands on it for one reason or another. Good or Bad.

One briefcase is found in Alaska, where a team of scientists are determining how it is there, why is it there, how long has it been there for, and how to deactivate it.  No one knows how many more are out there, and as they search for the list themselves and to avoid some sort of worldwide catastrophe, it should be soon…

It was really an engaging read.  With all of the plot turns & twists, the double  and triple crossing going on to get what each individual wants was really interesting.  It will leave you wondering has the list gotten into the right hands, or was it really safe in a box that wasn’t  found for decades.



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