Roses – Leila Meacham

This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for months now taunting me,  now that I have finally read it in less than 24 hours, It left me wanting more; you all know how that happens when you are reading a book and you feel as if you were in the middle of the story as a fly on the wall, wanting more, until the end when you feel like you have at least lived a part of their lives while reading, then at the end you feel jilted like a lover because it is over.  That is exactly how I felt after finishing this book – jilted and thrown away.

Like those mini series that used to be on television years ago that follows a family from the beginning, this is similar – Following the families that started to develop a small town in Texas in the early 20th century to present-day – with all of the background of their struggles, triumphs, hard-working folk, their personal lives, and the secrets they kept to themselves that would cast them in a different light. Until the past creeps up to the present living characters, wondering why it was such a deep dark secret, until now.

There was the cotton tycoon ( the Tolivers) the lumber tycoon ( The Warwick’s) who had founded the small town, on values and morals that to this day are threaded through the families and the town as times have changed.

Mary Toliver the matriarch of the Toliver family, has shed blood sweat and more than just tears into the family cotton business.  Bequeathed the family farm and the responsibility of it when she was a small child after her father dying; She has seen to the family legacy ever since.  Above all else, the love she and Percy Warwick have shared since seeing each other in their crib’s, it was a partner ship that everyone had accepted and knew would happen, but never did because of Mary’s devotion and somewhat obsession to the farm and the legacy.

When Mary ( in present-day visits her lawyers office to sign the codicil that will accompany her will) no ones knows she has cancer, the lawyer is upset that she has changed her will, the thoughts it will do to the family once she is gone.  Mary is trying to avert disaster – the so-called curse that she is sure of that changed her life and Percy’s all that time ago.  Tomorrow, she will fly to her niece’s home to explain everything, but before that she must get to the attic of the house to get something.  As she is lounging on the porch from a long hot day in the sun sipping champagne, she has a heart attack and dies before she has a chance to explain.  This sets in motion the anger and resentment she was determined to avoid by explaining herself.

Threaded with scenes from the past and present, it is reminiscent of like I had mentioned of those tv mini series such as the Thorn Birds and North and South.

This book will be available to purchase on January 6th, 2010.

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3 thoughts on “Roses – Leila Meacham

  1. Your post reasured me that i bought just the right book. Im going on a week-long holiday camping in the mountains and taking it with me. I cant wait to start reading now. Thanks

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