Eyewitness Russia – Kathleen Berton Murrell

I am sorry to say, this Eyewitness book is NOT one of the new re issued books, which includes a clip art cd and a full size wall poster, but, I hope that they re issue this one and the rest soon these are GREAT books for kids!

Nick’s Likes

  • The history of Russia – early history, 9 different names
  • Russian Civil War – weapons, vehicles they had
  • Talks about modern Russia and being an independent democracy
  • Communist faction and how it was destroyed
  • Wealth of the nation and how they make money
  • Famous writers – Tolstoy – how they interpreted life in Russia
  • Religions – Past and Present how it is and how it was
  • How growing up in Russia is like
  • The Bear being the National Symbol of Russia
  • Cyrillic writing and translations

DK Books


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