Red Snow – Michael Slade

Based on the Olympics that are actually coming to Vancouver in February it features  mercenaries, members of the RCMP Special X team,so,  this book isn’t for the faint of heart.

Mephisto is back and wants vengeance.  Between all of the killing, the blood on the snow isn’t the only thing that is running in this novel.  A deep seeded annihilation is also on the books.  Not just your average run of the mill annihilation either – a large portion of the world’s population, where it all hinges on the winter olympic games in Vancouver.

Mephisto, along with a few people he has picked up along the way, are ready to begin the task that which he has paid them to do – shut down Whistler so that no one can get in or out,  kill a few people who thwarted a previous attack, exacting his revenge, and killing a large population of the world using a new gas he has invented.

From chasing down Mephisto, to protecting the unsuspecting public from global death,  protecting the remaining members of the RCMP’s Special X team they will certainly have their hands full.

From the intimate lives, private experiences with Mephisto, to the actual real life threat of someone actually doing this at function of this magnitude isn’t so far-fetched as once it may have seemed.  This is a fast paced novel, with how Mephisto came to be how he is – his past and present wanting to exact revenge on the people who want to catch him and put him behind bars where he deserves to be.  I did not want to put down this novel, it was fast paced, filled with images of Whistler, the mountains, the scenery, as well as the drudgery and miserable pain that one can cause other people in a short amount of time.

Psychologically true to history &  mental illnesses, this is a must read for any thriller addict.


Michael’s Website


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