The 13th Hour – Richard Doetsch

Nick Quinn and his wife Julia have been soul mates since high school.  In love from the day they met, their love grows stronger by the day, until the unspeakable happens – Julia is murdered in the garage where they live.

As Nick is brought down to the police station for questioning, he then learns that he is the primary suspect when something strange happens – a gentleman who is thought to be his attorney enters the room, hands him a watch that he is instructed to never lose, as well as a letter explaining what will happen.  What Nick doesn’t know is that the watch enables him to go back into time to change the events that surround his wife’s death, and whatever he does do, will change the time lines of many if not hundreds in the next 13 hours.

The twist of the whole thing is that he is going back in time, changing events as he knows it already happened. which, may have it own repercussions – changing the future, the events that happen, their lives forever.

I was so engrossed in this plot.  The idea of taking back and changing what has already happened is quite the novel idea.  I couldn’t put it down for a moment – even as my eyes closed while I laid in bed reading ( I have to admit, I had to go back in the  book to see what happened the next day to see what I skimmed over).

An original thinking on the premise of how a crime/thriller/adventure novel is written at least in my mind, he pulls it off with flair, intelligence, the plot twists and turns, the double crosses, as well as the cliff hangers, ultimately the cliffhanger of all cliffhanger that come to the end of the novel for the first time.

I really loved it and the concept he used.

Simon and Schuster

Richard’s Website


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