Good To A Fault – Marina Endicott

Clara Purdy has just existed for the last 20 years.  After her parents died, she has been happy to just go to work as an insurance broker, doing as she pleases, until a car accident turns her life upside down.

The young family in the car that she hits – three children, a mother in law, the parents of the children who have lived in their car, trying for a better life.  Lorraine, the mother is taken to the hospital.  As they wait for testing to come back, Clara makes a decision that will not only change her life, but the lives of the family.

It is a true testament of the human heart, wanting to do the right thing.  The questions that beg to be answered are not only in her life, but in all of our lives? Are we ready to go out of our comfort zones to do the right thing.  Were Clara’s actions too much, or has she really gone overboard?

As you read more about the failings of Clara and the young family with the back stories I came to think of this – what will become of Clara and the young family?  Will Clara be taken advantage of, even though it is clear that she already is?  When is enough enough?

I thought this author captivated not only the essence of the situation, but the efforts draws you into the families and Clara’s world.  I was waiting for the moment that the family was once again all together, waited for what the Gage’s would do, I was not disappointed.

After reading this book, Thinking of the tough questions that would come to one in this situation.  Would you go as far as Clara did and do exactly as she did?  Is there compassion and love in all of our hearts to be able to do something like this?  There are so many valid questions and answers that would relate to not only to the topic.

Will the jealousies and past events between these people haunt them or heal them?

This is the 2nd book I have read for Canada Reads 2010.

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Canada Reads 2010 pick

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7 thoughts on “Good To A Fault – Marina Endicott

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  2. I am halfway through Good to a Fault and am really enjoying it. I really like the priest and his snippets of poetry that he quotes, and I rather like Darwin whose heart is definitely in the right place.

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