Houseworks – How to Live Clean, Green, and Organizied – Cynthia Townley Ewer

Haven’t we all done this, I know I have – vowed to become more uncluttered in our own home lives, work lives and everywhere else?  Even beginning to start making chores for your children ( I can hear the screaming in agony as I type the word chore)

Like these examples

  • spending 10 minutes or more trying to find your keys when you need them
  • Blowing the budget with take out food two or more times a week
  • Getting frustrated with your recycling when it overflows and you are constantly wanting a better solution?

Sound familiar? I know it does for me.

After looking and reading this book that has some really great tips that we already knew about, and so many more like using dividers in your sock and underwear drawer to adding some healthy alternatives to the mix.

There is everything in this updated edition and more for the person that really wants to tackle the house from top to bottom, to the person that is needing new ideas to what they already do, or to just revamp their entire routine to make it fresh and more streamlined.

Here are some other photographs from inside the book –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know for me, I have found some brand new things I want to join into my routine.  What about you ?

This is Cynthia’s Website, where you can get even more Ideas for your home.

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5 thoughts on “Houseworks – How to Live Clean, Green, and Organizied – Cynthia Townley Ewer

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    • I am the same way I organize them, and a week later it looks worse then when I re organizied them vicious circle !

      i was thinking if you can’t afford those fancy plastic ones…get those dividers from the liquor store they use to divide the bottles and use those…inexpensive right?

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