Spin – Catherine McKenzie

Kate Sanford is a writer.  Doing freelance work for small publications isn’t really paying the bills.  For her, her dream job would be working for a music magazine called The Line.  After checking her email one day she is shocked, they are actually looking for a writer, so when she applies and goes through all the testing and writing they ask her to do she lands the interview.  Her interview of a lifetime.

The day before the interview however, is Kate’s birthday.  She has promised herself that she will only celebrate after her interview, but once her friend gets her out to their favorite bar.  No home early, No just a few drinks.  As her roommate wakes her up 15 minutes before her interview, Kate is still quite drunk when she arrives at her interview – not remembering any of the interviewer’s names, being unprofessional, then ends up running from the room to throw up.  Not exactly the picture you want to present to a potential employer right?

After not getting her dream job, she ends up getting a call from one of the people interviewing her – they want her to go undercover and befriend Amber Shepard, Hollywood’s new IT girl, who is going into rehab.  If she pulls off this assignment, she will receive her dream job.  Easy, right?

Not exactly so easy…

I really enjoyed this book.  Written with solid knowledge of the addiction / recovery process, with what one goes through, I was throughly surprised.

Intelligently written, it was if the author had some inside knowledge or intimate knowledge of how a 30’s something would feel and experience not only the addiction standpoint, but the world of being in a big city trying to do everything that she wants out of life.  At first going about it the wrong way, then another way with friends / family support she does spectacularly.

I really liked all the characters – the honesty Kate knew in herself but dismissed it at first made her a genuine character that you could relate to, to be able to come to terms that she really may have an addiction.  Being able to acknowledge that in herself, doing the work that is required was the greatest aha moment of the book, while being able to be true to herself as well as her friends old and new.  I really want to tell you how it all ends, but you will have to just read the book and find out for yourself.


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7 thoughts on “Spin – Catherine McKenzie

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  2. I am actually doing the tour for this book my review is only going up in early Feb. The bummer is that she is signing her book tonight at Indigo (downtown) I wanted to go but can’t with this cough. The book sounds really good. Can’t wiat to rea it.

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  5. Addiction is so much more prevalent than we choose to see or recognize here is America. It is not just the obvious neighborhoods and people…Addiction has permeated every economic level, every type of individual, every age group. Most people would be amazed. It is time to provide help for this serious disease.

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