Q and A with Author Catherine McKenzie

Without further ado, I give you Catherine McKenzie who is the Author of SPIN published by HarperCollins.  Thank you Catherine for doing this and giving such great answers !

Who are your favourite heroes in real life? I don’t really believe in heroes. Not in the large sense. I do think there are everyday acts of heroism all the time, and that people can be heroes in their own lives. But we shouldn’t look to others for examples of what we should be and do; certainly not to celebrities. There are people I admire, but I wouldn’t call them heroes – that seems to imply some kind of perfection or flawlessness, and no one is perfect.

Who are your favourite authors and why? I do believe in favourite authors. Mine include Jane Austen (of course), Nick Hornby, James Frey and my current favourite, Andre Agassi (read Open, it’s awesome). Why? Because they’ve all written books I can’t stop talking about. Books I’ve finished so fast that when I get to the last page I start over again because I don’t want my time with them to be over. If I’m telling you to read a book – this happens about once a year, and I read a lot – then that book has made a lasting impression in my life. The reason is different for each of them, but the effect is the same. Awe.

What is it you most dislike? Peanut butter. Seriously. I hate it.

When writing “Spin” what was your basis for putting it in a recovery standpoint?
I started Spin from a premise that required it, or at least part of it, to be set in recovery. When I started writing Spin, I thought I’d spend a lot less time in rehab – there was this whole thing that was supposed to take place in Vegas. But the more time I spent with the characters, Katie especially, the more necessary it seemed to give the recovery part of the book its proper space. I didn’t want to gloss over her changes with a soundtrack – I wanted the reader to see her change.

What was it that made you want to pursue writing when already having a career as a lawyer/profession in law? Insanity. Hubris. My type A, overachiever personality? Probably a combination of all three. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer and I’ve always written (poetry mostly). Then, there was a long period of time when studying and then practicing law took up all my energy. Starting to write again was part of finding a balance between my very cerebral job and the creative part of me. I didn’t start doing it with any plan to get published, but once I had a couple of books under my belt, the traits described above kicked in and I was just crazy/egotistical enough to think I should get a book deal.

What is your present state of mind? Happy. Apprehensive. Nervous. Hopeful. Depends on what time of day you catch me.

What do you regard as your lowest depth of misery? Can’t answer that one, sorry. Too private.

What qualities do you most admire in people? In yourself? I admire people who don’t just talk, they do. I try not to admire myself, but I don’t always succeed.

Besides having a talent for writing, what other talent would you most like to have and why?
I’d love to be a great singer-songwriter. Being able to really fuse my love of writing and music would be great. Alas, alas.

When do you feel most indulgent? When I spend the weekend watching several seasons of a TV show on DVD. Unfortunately, this happens often.

Thanks so much for the great questions, and giving me a chance to “speak” to your readers. Hope you enjoy the book!

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