The Unnamed – Joshua Ferris

Tim, his wife Jan and their daughter have it all.  Tim working as a partner in a law firm, Jane as a real estate agent, they have that idyllic full life where everything is within grasp – exotic vacations, large home filled with lovely things, absolutely no worries about money.

There is one thing…

Time suffers from these bizarre events.  They have come and gone, he hasn’t had one in a long time.  One thing he has noticed is that when they do return; they last longer then the last episode.  They always turn his life upside down, drives him and his family out of their present-day existence to one that is not only odd, but no one can figure out the cause of these bizarre instances that seem to grip him for no reason at all.

One day while at work, he realizes that it has returned, he returns home to have his wife go immediately into prepare mode – packing the back pack, making sure that his warm clothing is out and many layers are ready for the instant he has the urge.

They have tried everything  from Tim being tied to the bed with rope, handcuffs, and shackled. Nothing seems to work.

The instances which are lasting longer and longer each time they happen now, with increasingly severity.  As he is defending a long time client of the firm this particular instance grips him with such veracity that he is demoted in his job as he can only follow it from home.  He loses his position as a partner.  His whole life now, is a mess with no end in sight.

This novel of lifelong love, bizarre events, the losing of oneself and one’s purpose for living, the compulsion to  doing only one thing without being able to stop was one of wonderment, courage, as well as being able to let a loved one go while not having any kind of control over them, hoping that they come back.  The example of letting go of something you love, believe in, keeping you grounded was a brilliant example so that they won’t suffer because of it.


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