Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid: The Simple Truth To A Complicated Relationship – Howard J. Morris and Jenny Lee

Yes, we all said or thought it before right?  Our significant others can drive us crazy at times, the other times they can be just a tad stupid right?

How many times have you said I have had enough when attempting to get our points across to them when talking and it is just not getting through without yelling, screaming or even throwing that may or may not hit them or the wall, smashing into a million pieces or injuring them?

In this book from Howard and Jenny, who also live together in a committed relationship talk about.  De mystifying those stupid and crazy moments that we all have from time to time into something you both understand while instilling humour and personal reflections from their own relationship with each other.

I think in all fairness they tried to de mystify relationships with using their own relationship as examples was a poor choice.  Although, this book is laugh out loud funny, since they are both writers for television, but as they stated at the beginning of the book – that it will either spilt us up or bring us closer together.

Simon and Schuster / Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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