Shame – Karin Alvtegen – Translated by Steven T. Murray

Monika is a doctor.  The clinic where she works, she is the head of surgery.  They want her to go to a 4 day leadership conference.  She doesn’t really want to go.

She wasn’t ready for what was going to happen after she went there.  It opened up old wounds that she thought were gone and forgotten.

Maj-Britt lives on her own in a flat with her dog.  She is obese as is her dog.  She is unable to do many thing for herself such as shopping.  She has home care workers that come to her home.  She doesn’t talk to them, she lets them do their thing and she does hers, which is eating, watching tv.  She likes being quiet, and being on her own doing as she pleases.  One day, she receives a letter from someone who she knew in her past that shakes her to the core.  The past memories and incidents that she thought were long gone, forgotten.

This is the story of 2 women who didn’t realize it until the unexpected happened.  They thought their pasts were behind them, but that one switch that they thought  disabled wasn’t.  The switch  flicked on, all the past memories, fears, resentments, actions all came back into an instant; the tragedy based on that one switch coming back all at once.

What was the switch? A tragic automobile accident.

They do not know it now, but they are loosely connected to the people who affected.  It becomes clear, it is the shame, their reluctance of dealing with their past will predict their futures, or what will be willing to sacrifice.

I enjoyed the book.  Translated from Swedish, the translator did a wonderful job bringing forth the emotions to english.

I can’t place my finger on it, there was just something missing that would have made the book unforgettable, making it a must read, re read, get it right away, can’t walk by without picking it up type of book.  It was still a great story for women to relate to if they have been or are in a similar circumstance.


Karin’s Website


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