Eyewitness Forensic Science – Chris Cooper

If you seen or heard talk about CSI’s or Forensic Sciences on tv have you ever wondered about what they do and how they do it?  I wondered so much that I got this book.

This is the updated edition which includes a clip art cd for your own personal projects, as well as a full size poster that you can hang on your wall.

It showed me how the creative ways they first used to solve crimes in the beginning.

How they can find how and what time that people have died using bugs by seeing how old the bugs actually are using a timeline.  How they gather evidence from a crash scene and how delicately they do it.  Man, they have a lot of things they have to do when attending a crime scene.  This is just the beginning.

I liked how they can gather pieces of explosives and then decide what kind of explosive it is, then it is on to gathering other fragile information such as fingerprints, or stuff like soft drink cans or bottles.

I really liked how they can find different guns, and the different ballistics they use to pinpoint different types of guns and ammunition.

It is amazing how cautious they are, what they touch, and how they touch it, to be able to get  information from the piece of evidence they are taking into evidence; and of course the measures they take to secure the crime scene.

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