How to Be A Genius – Your Brain And How To Train It – John Woodward

Full of puzzles and activities to not only train your brain, but to also boost your brain power !

I like the fact that it is very organized, full of colour posts.  It is interesting to see how the brain as well as the different parts of the brain work with one another, and separately.

The simple experiments that you can do by yourself or with a friend are cool too.  I plugged my nose and ate a banana.  Guess what, I couldn’t taste it like it said in the book.  I also tried the one where you get a piece of paper towel and I got all the saliva off my tongue as I could, I tried tasting the banana again; guess what I still couldn’t taste it.

The brain puzzles are really fun too woah

From meeting your brain, senses, to how your memory works, to helping to solve problems, learning how to be more creative, learning how your brain makes you the way you are is great.  This book is for kids that are inquisitive on how their brains work, and how amazing our bodies are, especially our brains.

Here is a sampling of what is inside –

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2 thoughts on “How to Be A Genius – Your Brain And How To Train It – John Woodward

  1. I’m tired of failing because of unreasoning and other mental attributes. I want to unlock my true mental potential.

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