Math Dictionary Canadian Edition – DK Publishing

When you were a kid and came home with math homework, eventually forgetting what something meant was a real drag wasn’t it?  Not only could you not finish your homework, you may have lost marks on your grades for it.  Well, have no fear! DK has this amazing reference book for not only your children, but for us parents that will help us  not only explain, but show you everything you want or need to know about math.  I know, I know, I can hear the screaming from my son now, about having do math homework or even having a book about it lurking on the bookshelf.  This is a really good book.  Starting from A to Z, it has definitions, images and diagrams that are super easy to understand and to get you out of that math funk.

This book is geared for children ages 8- 12 years.

Here is a sampling of what is inside –

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DK Canada


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