Pre-Historic Life – DK Publishing

Have you ever wondered what the earth was like from the dawn of time until human life began?  This book is the story of evolution to life as we know it now.  From tiny bacteria to the tyrannosaurus rex along with everything in between.

Sections such as Early Earth, The Story of Life, Rise of Humans, these sections describe in such detail how it all started and evolved to who we are, how diverse we are, what we no longer see, the smallest of microbes to the largest animals that used to inhabit the earth are just some of the things they cover in this book.

Just glancing through the book, I am amazed how diverse we are now compared to when everything started.  The photographs are just amazing, the attention to detail impeccable, this is one book I will treasure for many, many years.

Here is a sampling of what is inside Pre-Historic Life –

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