Reef – Scubazoo

This book is just absolutely GORGEOUS! Published by Scubazoo, celebrates the beauty, diversity, and of course some of the most astonishing creatures on the planet.  This is the definitive guide (at least I think so) of the world underneath the water that we cannot see unless we went under to experience for ourselves.  Just the beauty of how the reef’s sustain itself, along with the absolutely stunning photographs make this a book that is not only a coffee table book, but one that will enlighten you, amaze you, and have you coming back to learn a bit more about the habitat, conservation, beauty of these fragile little worlds, which are known as the rainforests of the sea.

Did you know that they only cover 1% of the earth’s surface, but yet they are home to 25% of  all marine species?

Here is a sampling of what is inside…

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