Science – Adam Hart-Davis

I am more and more impressed with the quality and substance of the books from DK.  I am in awe of the attention to detail, as well as the rich photographs, graphs, and history they include to make it an all around one stop guide to getting information.  This book is a prime example of what to expect.

Science is one of those books that tells you the story of scientific progress from the invention of the wheel to 21 st century climate solutions.  Every key moment of discovery, which also includes the people who discovered it, as well as what things we cannot live without, the inventions, concepts have changed our world.  Even the most complex concepts are told in an amazingly easy way so that anyone can understand it.

  • Key Concepts are explained
  • Biographies done in profile style
  • Inventions – inventions that have transformed our modern world as we know it now
  • Breakthroughs – How people view the world, from Darwin to the structure of DNA
  • Real World Applications – illustrated panels about how complex they are and how they are used
  • Connections – Links are established throughout the book of the actions and consequences, from gun powder to the WWW
  • Reference Section – Stand alone section in the back that provides statistics, figures, tables, laws and formulae

If there is anything you wanted to know about science, this is your go to book.

Here is a sampling of what is inside –

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DK Books

Browse Inside Science


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