Gone – Lisa McMann

To tell the truth, I had to borrow the first book in the trilogy to be able to do this review.  So, this will be a refresher of the first 2 books and then my last thoughts.

Janine has been dreaming other peoples dreams since she was 8 years old.  Unknown to her, she is a dream catcher.  At first Janine was so afraid of what was happening to her, she thought she was crazy, but then noticed that when her classmates slept or was near a person who was dreaming she would dream the same dreams they would be having.

As time passes, she gets to know a boy who lives near her Caleb.  He was once the boy who was always in scraggly clothes, never seemed to fit in with anyone, and kept to himself.  One day, where Janine hears rumours about a new boy in the school.  It isn’t who anyone imagined – Caleb.

Once Janine and Caleb become friends there is a connection.  In fact, there was always one that has now frown into something else – quirky, personally, and professionally.  She begins to work with Caleb doing undercover work to bring down criminals in the town they live in.

Now, In Gone, Janine and Caleb are still together as a couple, working cases.  There is one thing different, remember the green notebook that she was uneasy with reading?  Well, she finally reads it she is shocked with what she finds.  Not only unexpected, but quite shocking.

Janine also finds out something else that is even more shocking.  Her mother is found outside of the house yelling, crying, something about someone in the hospital from her past…

Will Janine make the decisions that are right for her, or for all the people involved?

In my honest opinion, I had troubles with the first book Wake.  Since these books are intended for 14 yr old girls, I found a fair amount of sexual references that was quite shocking to me.  I did not feel good about it at all.  The 2nd book Fade was a bit better, with more of the issues at the fore front.  Still a bit on the heavy side for this age group.

In Gone, it was a strong book that stands up better than the first two in the trilogy.  There were some strong, dark situations that she had to make decisions for the rest of her life.

All in all I would have to say that I would pass on all three.

Lisa’s Website

Simon and Schuster / Simon Pulse


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