March Madness is Back!

For all of you bookish people who don’t know, HarperCollins Canada has this funky really cool contest that runs all the month of March called March Madness.  If you don’t know what it is, then, where have you been exactly?!?!

You vote on your favorite books and then enter your name to be entered to win all 64…yes, ALL SIXTY FOUR books shipped to your door.  Cool or what huh?  Wait the best hasn’t been revealed…are you sitting down?  a 7 day vacation to THE BAHAMAS !!! Would you be able to read all 64 on the beach in 7 days…Now, THAT would be a challenge !

Now, as an extra special added bonus, There is also a contest for CANADIAN BLOGGERS. No, it doesn’t have to be a book blog, they understand that there are many other types of blogs out there.

To find out about it, Click on Fight For Your Title

The Winner of the blog challenge will win any 5 books of their choice from the March Madness site that you are either loving and voted for or hating it and want it to lose.  Did I just make sense?!?

Go to it ! and GOOD LUCK !


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