The Slap – Christos Tsiolkas

On one sunny afternoon at a friend’s barbeque where friends and family are gathered to enjoy each other’s company, one of the guests slaps a child.

Now, you all may be shocked.  But one of the questions that remain is – 1.  Should he have done this; 2.  What will the consequences be from this?

Well, the consequences are far-reaching, not only for the person who slapped the child.

All of the people at the party begin to look at their own lives, what mistakes they themselves made in their own personal lives, interactions with one another after the incident.

Will they come to terms with what has already happened?  The friendships are strained on the basis on that one slap?  Boundaries are tested; will they all be the group that will once again get along with one another again?

For me, I liked the book.  The underlying issues that affect everyone along with their own individual values that lay as the foundation.

The novel is quite explicit at times and there are sexual scenes.  The grittiness of the writing makes it a unique read.  The relationships of the people in the book are far reaching to each other.  Feelings come to the surface for all of them as a result of the slap as well as personal opinions that change.

This is the 3rd or 4th book I have read for the IMPAC Reading Challenge


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