After The Falls – Catherine Gildiner

After the Falls is Catherine Gildiner’s second addition to her memoirs that have been previously published as Too Close To The Falls.  This edition focuses on her adolescence to when she goes away from home to college in the 60’s.

When Catherine was 12, she was asked to leave Catholic School and around the same time her parents pick up and leave the small town she has loved and adored to move to the big city of Buffalo.  With her still being as spirited as well as the wildness of the 60’s, she goes through these times trying to fit in, make new friends all the while being just as hyperactive and hilarious as she has always been.

In this time, she has worked in a donut shop, been a HOJO hostess, FBI Subject, and a civil rights demonstrator.

There is one time however, that strains her and her family that will test her and the family – her father’s illness.

Written with honesty, love, and personal thoughts, if you have read and adored her earlier edition, you will most certainly love this one just as much.

Just Another Online Book Club on Facebook is currently reading this book and will have a live author chat with Catherine on the 15th of February at 9pm EST.  Come and join us and ask Catherine a question.  There is also a reading group guide posted.

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Catherine’s Website


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