World War I and World War II H. P. Wilmott, Robin Cross, Charles Messenger

This is the story of World War I and World War II from the beginning and how it started.From the first page to the last, the lush and sometimes catastrophic pictures both in colour and black and white of real events as they happened and artefacts of the wars which include weapons and other things that were seen or used.

It made me understand the entire picture of how and why these wars happened, the people, the countries that were involved.

The charts, diagrams, timelines, and maps gave me a better picture literally of before and after; how the countries affected changed and reformed on their own.How weapons improved and improvised making them work better and different.  Each book has guides to the both wars as well as the battlefields and memorials for those who may go and visit.

Among the many maps, there were also ones of the real routes that the soldiers took to fight, or getting to an area.

The paragraphs of actual soldiers talking about their recollections, experiences, and impressions was very interesting; I really enjoyed those parts of the book.  I really liked the chapter on how the world recovered afterwards, how they rebuilt cities and how new laws were made.

World War I

World War II


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