Chocolate: A Love Story – Max Brenner

With a vintage 60’s flare in the artwork, this book of 65 of Max’s favorite recipes will have your addiction to chocolate on OVERBOARD as you are flipping through the pages.  I mean these recipes are not only decadent, but also unique in their own right.  I swear, I went into a chocolate coma when I was looking at the recipes.

The author Max Brenner has been making chocolate for the last 10 years and with each year culminating exponentially.  His creations get more lavish and unique.  This is what this book is all about – his love of chocolate.

The recipes are for every occasion, meal…yes, I said meal.  Along with the recipes, there are stories to go along with them.  Then there is the artwork.

While browsing, I think my favorites would have to be

  • Anonymous White Chocolate Cosmopolitans
  • Therapeutic Chocolate Pot Pie with a rich filling of soul-refreshing strawberries
  • Guilt – Free Fried Chocolate Truffles

Take a Look Inside and see for yourself

Hachette/ Little Brown

Max’s Website


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