Love Struck – Chantel Simmons

Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage?

It seems as though Poppy thinks she has found it in her husband.  Until one day, she is sitting in the salon having her nails done when she overhears another woman talking about her friend’s affair with a man where she works.  As it sounds more and more familiar to Poppy, she gets bold and asks the woman who the man is.  She is shocked to find out it is her husband.

Without time to react, she receives a phone call from a hospital emergency room.  Her husband has been struck by lightning.

From here, things go from bad to worse.  When he is conscious, it seems as though he has amnesia.  So, instead of sussing him out, Poppy decides to wait and see what happens.  Then his lover comes into his room when she is in the bathroom hiding.  She is shocked by what she hears.

The woman he is having an affair with is the total opposite of her – long red fingernails, long hair, dresses to intrigue so you might say.

Poppy has this crazy notion that starts to come to reality.  If her husband likes that type of person, then she will become that person.  So, she starts her transformation.

As her husband is home, taking time off from the hectic workload as a financial advisor, she begins to transform herself.  Her friends, and people she knows cannot believe what she is doing albeit, how dramatic she is taking this.

As things progress, her husband is turning into the opposite of what he once was.  He wants to have children, wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, take things slower.  Poppy is angry with not only herself, but her husband who when they met had this undeniable connection, now it is just like everything has turned upside down.  Her life, their marriage.  As more and more confusion, anger, and resentments set in, it seems as though her whole life is about to blow up in front of her.

Will she be able to save her once perfect marriage, or lose the man of her dreams forever?

With the hilarity of what Poppy does to be able to save her marriage, I was laughing out loud just trying to imagine what she looked like before and after her transformation.  That and the fact her fake nails keep ending up in food or other places that just make you want to get grossed out or shaking your head laughing wildly.

There are some great issues that are included in this novel.  Would you do what Poppy has done to save the relationship you are currently in?  Would you defer confronting the person until you had more evidence to be able to back it up?  Does jealousy factor in every relationship that we are involved with?

Does loving a person and finding out something about them want us to do crazy things to be able to keep it, or is it even worth it?  Should we just come clean, be honest and just confront it head on and try to work it out?

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