The Breakwater House – Pascale Quivier

The woman without a name, Lucie, Claire, Aurore, Suzanne, and Odyssee all have a connection to one another.

The Breakwater House is a place where they all have visited at one time or another.

Lucie and Claire were born 5 days apart in the same hospital.  Their mothers Aurore and Suzanne stayed in the same room after they gave birth.  They live in the same neighbourhood in Paris.  When they see each other in the park one day, they slowly become friends; their daughters become more than just friends – they are more like sisters, inseparable like twins.

Lucie’s mother starts telling the girls tales of the family.  As the tales are being told, they are becoming rich with detail.  As the girls grow up and become teenagers, the stories are done with a final shocking end.

Not until Lucie has her own daughter, Claire, helping out with Odyssee where the stories all come into focus for the girls.  That is until something catastrophic happens.

It is as if the world and everything in it ends for them in a sense.  Something that they once had is gone forever, out of their reach.

Someone is trying to find all the pieces to being it all back together…

This story of love, mother, daughters, friends, what we are willing to do for these people in our lives is one that touched my heart and will remain with me for many years to come.

I was in awe of the magic she wove into her writing like a magician would pass his wand over a hat and pull out a rabbit.  Just like that, you were pulled into its mesmerizing feeling, touching novel until it was all revealed wanting more.

The woman without a name was an intriguing premise.  You never get to know who she is.  You may think you know who it is, but never is revealed.

House of Anansi


2 thoughts on “The Breakwater House – Pascale Quivier

  1. I just finished the book, and did a google search for more insight and others’ opinions.
    I liked it, though Aurore’s stories become tedious to read and they sort of just go on and on.

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