Making Toast – Roger Rosenblatt

With the sudden and unexpected death of his daughter Amy from a asymptomatic heart condition while exercising, Roger and his Wife Ginny move in with their son-in-law and grand children to help take care of the kids – Jessica, Sammy, and James aka Bubbles.

As fast as their own children grew up in front of them, they are realizing the same thing with these three and how much of their mother resides in each of them.

Heartfelt, poignant, the depth of this small memoir will have you turning page after page full of the children’s effervescent personalities, to the depths of the grief, lonesomeness that they all share and experience in so many ways.

Outward and Onward how they summon the courage to go on and live even when the one they loved and admired so much is gone.

Many of the situations that he writes about, gave me pause to think about what I do with my son.  Will he remember like I remember my mother doing things for me?  Will he remember the times that were hard, when I helped him as much as I could.

Makes you think about what we do in life, how we go about things in our everyday lives.  How we would miss the mundane things that someone or something would be missed if it was gone.

HarperCollins / Ecco

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4 thoughts on “Making Toast – Roger Rosenblatt

  1. It was, even with the differences in types of writing Roger goes from writing what the children are saying and doing in their way to how the adults grief is making them realize different things about their daughter and what she instilled into her children that is clearly evident.

    Thanks Diane !

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