Drood – Dan Simmons

I really loved this book !

This is the story of Charles Dickens told by his close friend and confidant Wilkie Collins who is also an author.

The mystery of Dickens last years are a mystery even for the people who were close to him.  No one really knows what happened for sure.  Wilkie’s has a few clues and ideas, but as the rumours persist, everything changed after Dickens’ near death experience.  While travelling by train with his not so secret mistress the train crashes and hangs perilously from the tracks in the air.

Did Dickens really start to live a double life?  Did he change personas as quickly as he changed voices when performing sections of his well-known and well read books during readings that left him exhausted and frail?

Not only chilling, scary as they go deeper into the depths of London’s underground looking for a mysterious “Drood” who practices magnetism, which Dickens also practices.  The opium deans where addicts inhale the intoxicating and highly addictive smoke from the best opium has them going deeper and deeper into the underground to look for this elusive figure.

I really had a hard time putting this book down.  I absolutely loved it.  With all of the ebbing and flowing, the many climbs into yet another climax had me devouring the book as fast as I could get it, like an addict who is wanting the next fix so to speak.

The ending was surprising for me, but it was the perfect ending to a really great modern-day tale of real figures in the literary scene done to perfection.

Hachette – Black Bay Books

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