The Jade Peony – Wayson Choy

In this historical novel depicting a small but intricate look inside a chinese family in the 1930’s and 1940’s in Vancouver.

Through the eyes of three children, we see the eccentricities of Canadiana, Chinese Culture, what was and what is in that time, and how they see the future.  Combined with the images of why or how they came to Canada, War, Love, and discrimination.  The stories told by their grandmother of old china who is known as the heart or the head of the family.

The different perspectives of the three amid the old and new, want to be, what they will become was interesting as the fell of wanting to be a fly on the wall during this time of change, diversity and growth.

The details inside the family – the customs, the regard to help one another, as well the stories from old country gave it a well-rounded tale.

This is the 4th book I have read for CBC Canada Reads.

Canada Reads Jade Peony Page

Read an Excerpt


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