The Superstress Solution – Dr. Roberta Lee

Are you suffering from these symptoms?

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Moody, Cranky, Short Tempered
  • Aching – head, neck, back, or even your stomach?
  • Gained weight that you can’t seem to lose?

These symptoms and many more are a part of stress.  We all know that feeling when we go into a huge important meeting, or dealing with someone who is being difficult, right?

All of our lives nowadays are always on the go.  We are beyond busy, hectic seems to be us everyday.  We get up early, go to work, get stuck in traffic.  Then once we get to work the photocopier is broken and can’t be fixed until tomorrow, the important meeting we had is being cancelled or postponed due to something else happening.  We are always connected – to our cell phones, blackberry’s, iPhones, laptops, any sort of thing we are connected with to give us that instantaneous response that we wait for.  Then we get impatient, because it doesn’t come soon enough, or isn’t the news we hoped to receive.

We are all plugged into these things, even our relationships, we cannot seem to shut down, or relax and let go.

This is Super Stress.

Super stress is when our body continuously releases stress hormones, which diverts the energy and nourishment that is needed to keep us healthy.

Super Stress can lead to depression, weight gain, loss of libido, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, early aging, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, among others.

Dr. Lee’s 4 week program is said to counteract all of the things I just mentioned.  You take the quizzes and questionnaires which will lead to your super stress personality.  There is the short-term detox diet which is included in the book, along with a long-term eating plan that is full of stress protective foods and supplements.

There are suggestions to exercises as well as relaxation techniques.  Her book is based on her practices when she travels to the South Pacific, the diets they consume which is a mediterranean style of eating, as well as a program called integrative medicine.

I liked the detail of what is happening to our bodies.  Many wouldn’t be aware of the changes unless something drastic happened to our health.  With us being “turned on” much more than our parents or even grandparent’s have in the past.

She breaks down everything to be able to streamline the process for you in very understandable language to understand the program so that anyone can use it for 4 weeks or for the rest of our lives.

Our lives are so much different today compared to even 20 years ago.  We are pulled into so many different directions at once, not only at work, but at home.  So when do we de-stress ? or rather how do we do it when it all seems to be coming at us, right?

Dr. Lee’s Website – The Super Stress Solution

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