The Cooks Herb Garden – Grow, Harvest, Cook – Jeff Cox and Marie Pierre Moine

This smallish little book is quite the little gem !

Filled with full colour photographs, this is a must for the burgeoning gardener, or one that is an expert ready to expand their gardens.

Growing your own herbs ensures not only an in expensive but readily available resource full of fresh flavours, as well as ideas for that next recipe wanting that extra bit of flavour and colour.

  • Choose – comprehensive herb catalogue full of colour with planting plans for themed window boxes.
  • Grow – Seed, Small plants, or, cuttings?
  • Harvest & Store – essential tips on how, when, what to pick, try to freeze and dry so that there is a supply when you need it.
  • Cook – More than 60 recipes from flavoured butters, rubs, marinades, sauces, salsa, salads, dressings, cordials, teas and syrups to get those creative juices flowing.

Along with the partnering charts, this book will never lead you astray to compliment popular ingredients with herbs.

I just love this book !

I wanted to try to start to grow my own small area so that I can have a ready supply of herbs, what about you?

Here is a glimpse inside the Cook’s Herb Garden –

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6 thoughts on “The Cooks Herb Garden – Grow, Harvest, Cook – Jeff Cox and Marie Pierre Moine

    • it is the same size as the tomato book, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, altho, you can see a little of it in the photographs, just chock full of information from start to finish.

      Just LOVE it !

  1. Wow this book looks fabulous. I love the photographs and the recipes. It’s really got everything you could want in one place. Growing herbs is so easy because most will grow in a pot. I’m definitely going to track this one down.

  2. Beth, that is the exact reason I wanted this book. it is a fabulous little book. I am already planning out what containers I want to use to grow some herbs this summer ! Not only do they look good, they smell wonderful as well

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