Almost Home – Pam Jenoff

Jordan works for the Department of Justice when all of a sudden she wants to move back to London, England.  Everyone who works with her wonders why all of a sudden this change of decision, since she has declined other transfers in the past and most recently last week.

As she steps off the plane, drops off her bag, and meets with her boss who she has had in the past, she is off to one of her old friends who she moved for.  Her friend has MS.

Later on that night at the US Ambassadors residence, she catches a glimpse of someone from her past.  The unmistakable blonde hair.  Her heart skips a beat, she runs from the residence trying to see him, but he is gone.  And so is the conversation she was starting to have with the Ambassador and his wife.

The blonde hair brings back memories of her past 10 years ago when she was here attending Cambridge University.  The memories flood her mind as well as her heart.  The love of her life tragically killed, the good times, the rowing on the Thames – all of it in one moment.  She thought she had buried them a long time ago.

But why was Chris trying to contact her, how did he know she was coming?

With Jordan’s current high importance assignment at work and the mysterious case of drowning of her boyfriend all of those years ago wasn’t as it seemed.  Chris has found evidence that he was killed – no water in his lungs to be found.  With the two cases pulling at her at once, her friend she came for.  She is in for a lot of work.

As she is running around town, with clues, and people either disappearing or coming up dead.  There is more to both cases.  Something nagging her about both.  Could they be connected? How could they be?

With the political intrigue, the personal feelings that affect both, the mysteries that are coming up, not to mention bombings, deaths that happen all to soon, give this book the feel of a fast paced international thriller that will appeal to both men and women.

The premise and background are done impeccably that would you swearing that this could be happening anywhere in the world in the present time is concise and accurate right down to the streets of London and beyond.

With the many twists and turns, twisting and turning at every minute, you will be unable to put it down for any length of time, until you are satisfied who was caught, how they are connected.

A definite page turner !

I will be posting a Q and A I recently had with Pam about the book tomorrow, so stay tuned !

Simon and Schuster / Washington Square Press


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