The Debates have started !

I am a bit late to the party of the inaugural Canada Reads 2010 debate, it has been a very busy day.  I also participated in the Canada Also Reads live chat that happened later this afternoon, where the National Post is doing debates on their own list of books following a poll where readers got to pick their favorites to be discussed, rooted for, booed, and claimed the winner.

But, in actuality, you the reader are the winner.  You are the one that gets to choose between all of these gorgeous Canadian books, written by Canadians, filled with prose, issues that are foreign, some that may be not so foreign, to learn something new that you never knew before, or enjoyed so much you will be touting off your favorites to your friends, family or even someone you happen to meet in the doctor’s office.

So, the CBC Canada Reads debates started today, and will last until friday.  Do you have a favorite you are rooting for? Is there one on the list of the 5 that you want voted off tomorrow?

Here is the first of 5 debates – Pre Show –

Here is the first debate –

These guys are really good, wouldn’t you think so?  Hannah Sung also holds a online live chat at 3pm ET to discuss the debates on the same day they are held.

Then of course is the Canada Also Reads from the National Post, where you can vote for your favorite until I believe it is Friday – Here

This is the roundtable discussion which happened this afternoon, which one of my questions was asked. On the left hand side of the page, you can also read the defenders essays on why they want you to read the book they are championing.

Stay tuned to CBC tomorrow for the 2nd debate where a book will be voted off.


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