The Temptation of The Night Jasmine – Lauren Willig

In this 5th installment of the Pink Carnation series, The Duke of Dovedale has returned from India unexpectedly.  He doesn’t want to be back, however, the main reason he is back is to avenge the murder of his mentor.  He has a feeling who it is, but he needs to track him down, found out where he is hiding, and get business done.

Before he left for India many years ago, Charlotte was a young, precocious young girl, who is one of those girls where her daydreams are more real then her life is.  Mostly ignored by her relatives when she is brought to the Dovedale estate, the now Duke took a liking to her, engaged her when no one else did.

Now, that Charlotte is all grown so to speak, her feelings when the Duke arrives haven’t abated, just stuck in the back of her mind of when they were younger.  The Duke sets off treating her as he did in the past, but his feelings for her have changed, making her something he wants to protect at all costs from the other men who would want to court her.  Charlotte is confused – at one instance the Duke is flattering her with his attention, the next he is cold and distant. Making her feel unsure of herself and the feelings she possess for him.

As the Duke is on the trail of the killer, him and Charlotte meet at one point where they both had tried to hide what they were looking for when the two meet up.  The person’s identity leads them into the cold streets of town, to an acquintances cold outdoor maze which leads to a cave beyond the maze.

With the bits of thrill, suspense, as well as bits of intrigue as well as the chick lit (how could you ever forget about the chick lit) as well as the setting of historical england will have you turning the pages wanting to know what happens next, how everything turns out.  Will the Duke and Charlotte finally admit their true feelings for one another?

With the authentic detailing – houses, court, scenes, language, makes this a most beliveable as well as intriguing novel.  The characters who are all interesting, except for maybe the eccentric and dry sounding grandmother was a delightful change who are caught up in espionage.

I enjoyed it very much.

Penguin – New American Library

Lauren’s Website

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3 thoughts on “The Temptation of The Night Jasmine – Lauren Willig

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  2. The book sounds good – I really need to try something from that time period. I wanted to let you know that THE GIRLS came today. Thanks so much – I really do appreciate it.

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