Falling Apart In One Piece: An Optimist’s Journey Through The Hell of Divorce – Stacey Morrison

I do not usually read and review these kind of book I try to shy away from them since I have experienced this as well; or ones that tell of painful, hurtful life events such as divorce.  But, this is one I received, I prejudged it, thinking oh here we go when I shouldn’t have.

I was very pleasantly surprised.

Stacey has been together with her husband for the last 13 years.

All of a sudden one day, he says it is over like that.  Can you say huh? What just hit me in the back of the head?!?!  Shock and awe isn’t the only thing I thought, or you would think.

This is Stacey’s personal story through the hell of separation, divorce, and then some…

As she tells you the story of who she is (Editor in Chief) of Redbook; with one amazing resume.  Not only did she conquer her professional dreams, she’s conquered the grief, the heartbreak, among other incredible odds ( A house that will not stop filling up with water) and raising her son just about on her own from when he was just a few months old.

Now, you would think that all of this would have made her say uncle, (she did so much want to give in, but she felt it and think it) but what she shows us is that if you have the determination, the zeal, and the wherewithal, even in the craziness that happens; you can get through it and begin to live again.

We have all heard or maybe experienced the same emotions and experiences (separation / divorce), I know I did.  She gives really great advice for anyone that is going through their own hell of divorce.

At times, laugh out loud funny to gut wrenching, laying on the floor, bringing tears to your eyes.  Stacey had to make sense of what went wrong, what she was responsible for, begin her life again as a divorced, single mom of a son.

Just totally written from the heart, with smarts, don’t give up, but I really want to give up attitude that blossomed into a confident person once again.

Simon and Schuster


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