April is Poetry Month

I was hanging out online and glancing at bookish links and came across these really great links for those who are poetry fans.

PBS has a fantastic poetry selection going on in association with the Poetry Foundation where people are reading selected works.  There is a new poem added everyday Poetry Everyday

Then, on another page, There are  34 animated films which were created by students working with docUWM, a documentary media center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University’s creative writing program, in association with the Poetry Foundation.   Animated Poetry

Is there a specific type of poetry that you like ? Is there something that just intrigues you about how poets even being to write their verses?  I am curious.  I myself haven’t read a whole lot of it, but I do have a few books of poetry on my bookshelves.

For some Canadian Poetry, check out these books

Another Canadian Poet Dani Couture is releasing her second book of poems in May 2010, published by Pedlar Pres.

Open Book Toronto has listed some other poetry links that you may find interesting as well.

Happy Poetry Reading !


4 thoughts on “April is Poetry Month

  1. I haven’t read much poetry of the grown up variety. I did just finish rereading Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends and loved finding new things in there I’ve never noticed before–like a poem advocating vegetarianism.

    • Everywhere I go, I see that book ! I have never read it myself, but since seeing it, I may just have to see if the library has a copy and take a look for myself. That is a different type of poem isn’t it?

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