I Won ! I Won !!

Over the last month on the CBC Canada Reads website, they had a pitch contest.  What was involved was to pitch a book to the Canada Reads Panel using different methods – a blog post, an online picture album, music the possibilities were endless.  I sent mine in which was about Marina Endicott’s novel Good To A Fault.  Low and behold, I received an email a few weeks ago saying that I was one of the winners of a Sony Reader Pocket Edition.

After receiving it last week, I quickly unpacked the contents to reveal my prize.  I have to admit once the purolator man left my door and got back into his truck, I squeeed and did a happy dance! I charged it up and loaded to software on my computer and started to check it out.  I am impressed at how clear the screen is.  I even had it out with me as I did some errands yesterday, and as I was waiting patiently outside enjoying the gorgeous weather we have been having, I thought the glare from the sun would be a problem.  I was really surprised that it wasn’t at all.  It was so clear and sharp!

One thing i have noticed which for me is a negative, is that it does support a lot of formats, BUT, if you are reading something from a pdf format, it is the worst format to use on this device.  I had added a pdf version of the book Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann, it froze every single time on a certain page.  I could not figure it out.  I had the reader for less than 24 hours I was saying to myself, how can this be going on it is brand new?!? I was really frustrated to say the least.  A blogger friend of mine who also has a Sony has had the same problems with pdf formats as well.

Now, what has me thinking is does Sony know or has known about the problem? Have they tried to resolve the issue?  Is there anything currently being done to resolve this for future editions?  I had asked Sony on twitter and have yet to receive a reply.  I would think if they want to keep gaining customers or keep being in the reader arena, they will have to certainly step up their game for sure.  I was left feeling like I wasn’t a valued customer at all, even though I did win it in a contest.

Do you have a Sony reader? Does it have the same problem that I am talking about.  Have you ever addressed this problem with Sony, or have they not stated anything.

Oh, and on another fabulous note, my darling son that same night asked to see the reader…he wouldn’t let go of it, he was engrossed in what he was reading.  He was reading The Tales of Huckleberry Finn.  Here is a picture of exhibit a.  Isn’t that neat!  He was saying that is handier to read from the reader and easier to bring around with you since it isn’t as heavy as an actual book, I have to agree with him on that part.  I put my reader in my purse, and when I had time to read I clicked it on and just started reading.  The only annoying thing he didn’t like about it was the flicker when you are turning pages, I have to agree on this.  Is it the same for all of the readers out there or is it just this one as well?  I guess time will tell now that the iPad will be ready for sale tomorrow morning.  I won’t know myself until I am able to touch one and give it a whirl to see if it is worth the money they are asking for one.

The pocket edition came with a usb cable.  That is it, you can buy optional accessories through the Sony Store, or online at different retailers.  They also have 2 other models which have more space and a few more options.

I have to say a big heartfelt thank you to CBC Canada Reads for picking my post as one of the winning posts, and Sony for them to be able to offer these on their site.  I am not completely sold on the idea of electronic readers, but I am warming up to them.

CBC Canada Reads

Sony E Readers


5 thoughts on “I Won ! I Won !!

  1. Thanks Everyone !! It sure was exciting to read the email to hear that I won. I was on eggshells from the time I heard that I had won and then waiting for it to arrive. I didn’t want to leave the house for any length of time !

    Once it did arrive, I did a happy dance and did a squee ! LOL

  2. Congrats on winning the Sony. I am so happy that you won it.

    I think the only way i will get on ereader is if I win it or it drops in price. Although I have been checking out the one chapters is offering for $149. Although not sure I am really a book kinda of girl.

    Hey congrats to Nick, perhaps you have discovered another venue for him and reading.

    For some reason I can so picture you waiting until the guy was in the truck to squeal and dance around LOL

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