Angelology – Danielle Trussoni

I was quite looking forward to reading this book.  It nearly had me in its clutches, in the end I was disappointed.

In the beginning, Sister Evangeline is a nun in a quiet part of New York State.  She has been at the convent since she was 12.  Being there since that age makes her a long timer, saying her vows, the calm yet structured atmosphere of the convent – the prayer times, the work, the adoration.

One day, she is shocked to find a letter asking for admittance to the archives that are the most extensive about angels in the world.  The answer is always no of course.  They do not like others just rifling through the books and articles without the proper assistance.  Even then, the visits are few and far between.  This one feels different to Evangeline, and for good reason.

Evangeline’s Grandmother she does not know this until later is that she is a famous Angelologist that studied in France at the beginning of WW II.  With the war upon them, more and more attacks have been laid at their feet during this time, more than before.  They must find the secret cave that jails the bad Nephelium and rescue a prized musical piece that has been there for hundreds of years to save the world.

Percival Grigaine is the person that wants the information that will lead to the recovery of the musical instrument.  He is one of the Nephelium that wants to use it for the worse.  His once glorious wings are diseased, ugly, a fate that only some of the Nephelium encounter, like a human that will contract a debilitating disease, not knowing how to overcome to become healthy once again.  He has been searching for the Angelologists for hundreds of years along with his family that live in opulent New York style and grace.

Will Evangeline. her grandmother, and the leagues of other people entrusted with the information that everyone is looking for go to the ones that want to save the world from the Nephelium?

I have to say the cover is absolutely gorgeous.  Look at those wings!  I was enthralled until about halfway, until it turned course to the past and a sizeable amount of historical information was given.  I love historical facts, but it just seemed wrong at that time to talk about it.  From there it was stop and go for me.  Others that have read the book just adored it, loving it all the way through.  Even at the end of the book, I was disappointed that it ended the way it did.  I am not going to say what exactly happened, but, you will know what I mean when you choose to read it.

The atmosphere glorious, I mean, how can you not wonder what happens in those old convents behind closed eyes….right?

Random House

Danielle’s Website


7 thoughts on “Angelology – Danielle Trussoni

  1. I have to say that the premise sounds fascinating. I’m into angels the way some people are into vampires. And I love the cover of the book, too! Very well done. Bravo to that artist and the publisher for choosing it. (We all know how authors usually have little to no say in the matter.) I wonder if I will like this one because it is about angels or if it will be a dud for me as well.

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