Waking Up In The Land of Glitter – Kathy Cano-Murillo

Star is one of those people who does things impulsively.  She has gone to school to study art, then returned home was her plan to become a famous artist.

Well, that dream is still waiting to be realized.  She works as the manager at her parent’s restaurant/gallery, has a man of her dreams even though she says they are just best friends.  One night while getting ready to go out on a date with him she spies wedding pamphlets on his living room table.  Scared, thinking he is going to ask her to marry him, she runs off and gets drunk with her cousin.  What happens next, well, starts everything off that seems to go wrong in her life….But does it all go wrong?

After all of  the arguments, breaking up with her boyfriend, she is determined to make her dreams reality.  That includes making 250 centerpieces for the upcoming national craft competition.  Along with her colourful friends and a local TV personality, they set off in this hilarious, yet serious take at friends, parents, personal goals, and the outcome is one that no one had expected.

This is a great book for those who are crafty inclined, as well as someone who needs a light-hearted Saturday read to get their mind off those everyday occurences, yet, may bring some clarity to some of their personal relationships.

Laugh out loud funny at times, it is the story of a girl who finally finds her niche, will finally able to be honest with herself and others around her.  The trials and tribulations that every relationship experience from time to time that we can all relate to.

Hachette / Grand Central

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Q and A with the author

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