How To Grow Practically Everything – DK Books

This book is literally packed with gardening ideas from sowing vegetables to creating a pond for wildlife –  makes all of these and many many more ideas easy!

200+ projects from planting spring bulbs to growing herbs and spices, planters, trees, tabletop containers.

Mixed with step by step projects which will inspire planting designs, plans along with gorgeous full colour pictures, colourways with planting ideas.

All of the basics are covered with a straightforward way to garden care and maintenance – everything you need to know or need to find information that you never thought you would need until now.

From the beginner to an experienced gardener, there is something for every level of gardener – if you are just starting out, or are an expert already.

There are practical ideas for gardens of any size and shape – pots, patios, borders, even for year round enjoyment.

The step by step details and full guidance on materials, locations, and timing.

Growing vegetables for personal use, or a new exciting look that you have been thinking of trying – right down to pruning, diseases and tackling pests with the materials needed and how long it would take you.

Here is a sampling of inside How to Grow Practically Everything –

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DK Books

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