Stolen – Lesley Pearse

Lotte, a 20 something year old is found half-drowned on a Sussex beach by a gentleman who was walking along the shore.  Once at the hospital and stabilized, she is found to have amnesia.  Absolutely no memory of who she is or how she become to be on the beach.

When her picture is published in the local newspapers, one of the people she had befriended in the past recognizes her – they had worked together on a cruise ship and were bunk mates for a year.  As they travelled the seas of South America, they become close friends and vowed to keep their friendship alive.

This not only marks a reunion of sorts, her friend had wondered why Lotte had literally disappeared and not kept contact like they both said they would.  She did try to text, but, no response.

There is a deep, dark story behind Lotte’s disappearance.  Just before the girls went their separate ways, Lotte was viciously raped at one of the ships ports in South America.  The questions are many, but the most important ones were – Where has she been? What happened to her that she was found on the beach? Why can’t she remember what happened? When will her memory return?

I really enjoyed this novel.  The bond that friendship endures, what lengths people will go to when getting what they want, as Lotte’s past friends rally around her as she comes to terms what did happen, the revelations or nothing short of shocking once the whole story is told is nothing short of a miracle that she has survived.  It is relevant to today’s news as well.  The stories that are in newspapers, on the radio, and so forth make this novel genuine, and like I had said relevent.

Penguin – Michael Joseph

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