The Forgotten Garden – Kate Morton

It is 1913 where a 5-year-old girl is abandoned on a ship travelling from England to Australia.  Her small suitcase is the only piece of her past that she has left.  That, and a beautiful book of fairy tales.

The dock master takes her home with him thinking that she will be claimed.  As the years go by, she is taken in by the dock master and his family.  As time goes on, she is part of the family, not knowing that she has a past that no one even herself knows about.  Until she turns 21, her father tells her the story of how she was found, she is none the less shocked, having the feeling she doesn’t know who she is, or thought she was rebels against her family, friends, and fiancée to find who she is and most importantly where she came from.

Years later, her quest to find her real identity brings her to the Cornish coast of England.  A manor that holds many secrets, yields more questions than answers.  Determined to find out, she must return to Australia first.  But plans are dashed, her daughter leaves her grand-daughter with her as she goes on her own quest.  The questions still remain, the urge subsides, then it is too late to return to England – she is ill with cancer.

After Nell’s death, her granddaughter comes across a notebook which she reads and realizes that she must continue the search to find out who her grandmother really was.  She feels as thought she needs to do it, not only for herself, but her grandmother as well.

This is not only a journey of self, one of mystery, one of long-lost secrets, intriguing secrets that once would ruin a families reputation, and of stance in the community.  A cabin by the sea, a mysterious garden that will hold more than just secrets…

I found that this was the perfect book for those who used to read fairy tales as a young child.   it is one of those books if you liked fairy tales as a youngster, this one has many twists and turns.   The mysteriousness of the plot, what is hidden, what is revealed.  I loved the intrigue behind the story, the characters ( I really despised one of them, you will see what I mean in the book if you read it) what will come of the secrets when revealed, will it change how people feel, will it change them forever?

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