Rough Guides – Cloud Computing and Saving and Selling Online – DK Publishing

The Rough Guide to Cloud Computing – 100 Websites that will change your life is for the newish person online that will help you find the sites that are best for just learning what is new and hot online, or learning new skills based on what your needs are.

From bookmarks, online documents, emails, applications and music this little pocket-book has it all.

It will help you to be more creative, entertained, and more organized, as well as collaborating online with friends, family and work colleagues.  Share your photos on Flickr, find new music with and Spotify

Lets you stay in sync with your contacts, email, bookmarks, and calendars all online so if you are searching for something and you are away from your own computer, you will be able to access from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Some of you may already know about some or most of these websites, but then again some may not, so, I think it would be a worthwhile book to have, even just to see what else you could be missing.

DK Publishing

Embrace the Art of Frugal Living

This is a smallish book as well that is packed with hundreds of websites that will save you money on just about everything that you can imagine.

From comparison shopping sites, bargains with price tracking sites, blogs, and of course Twitter for working the system to your advantage, then there are the coupons and discount codes included inside the book.

Want to sell something on Ebay? this is the guide to have for doing exactly that as well as Amazon Marketplace, or if you are looking for books try

Then there is gumtree and Craigslist, to find a place to live, Freecycle, the list is endless and most likely growing by the minute!

Then there are the places to check for mortgages, real estate, saving on your utilities…did I just hear an amen to that ?!? Look no further this book is chock full of places to be able to do exactly that and more, in more places than just the USA, try the UK too.

Oh, and there are coupons and discount codes in this book as well….

Rough Guides


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