Double Post – Gun – A Visual History & Knives and Swords A Visual History – Chris McNab

Both books feature material from the larger book entitled Weapon which is just as stunning as these two condensed books.  Just as a sidebar, these would be great for that dad that is interested in this type of books since Fathers Day is just over a month away !

From the time that guns made their appearance on the 14th century battlefields of Europe, guns have shaped the course of human history.

Gun has over 300 images of some of the important firearms of all time.  It gives you a glimpse not only into the past, but a glimpse of what could come in the future.

There are famous firearms such as the – Brown Bess, Glock 17, Colt 45 and AK 47 just to name a few.

Among all of these weapons interesting vignettes of famous gunslinger / sharpshooters such as Dirty Harry, James Bond, Annie Oakley, and Dick Turpin.

Paired along with manufactures such as Colt, Winchester, Beretta to name a few.

Nick liked the amount of information that really blew his mind.  His book is quickly becoming threadbare even though he has had it for a short time.  He loved the attention to detail to the point that you can see the smallest detail possible without actually handling the weapons themselves, as well as the exact specifications that accompanied the illustrations.

Guns: A Visual History

Knives and Swords: A Visual History

From pre-historic axeheads, Ninja swords, to commando swords, just any sword you can think of or imagine is inside this book – the most ornate to the very basic.

There are over 300 of the important blade weapons of all time included in this edition, which is not only one of the most comprehensive, but also an informative encyclopedia for that person who expects anything then the best.

Along with the stunning images of the weapons close up, full detailing as well as annotated by experts.

Warriors of the sword – gladiators, gurkas just to name a few.

The art of swordmanship which includes – tactics, technology (blade version vs. bow) to the medieval and battlefields, to the charges in bayonet’s from WWI.

Nick really enjoyed the excerpts of the gladiators, the intricate detailing and annotations that came along with each and every sword, as well as the history of how blades came about not just for fighting but, for ornamental occasions, to using them as tools in everyday life.

Nick has to admit though, his favorite between the two was the GUN book.  His reasons, because guns can shoot farther, faster and sometimes better than a knife or sword can do.  Do you agree with him?

Knives and Swords

Here is a sampling of what is inside both books –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nick had the opportunity to ask a few questions to the author Chris McNab, the Q and A will be posted tomorrow, just in time for you to be able to look inside the books, learn some new things, then go out and buy your dad a copy of each for Father’s Day !


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