Yes, It has been a while since I have posted and I sincerely apologize for that.  My laptop decided to go certain things with the display which made it absolutely impossible to do anything.  Then it decided to crash and so forth, so after fighting with it, praying it will work the way it should, being generally disappointed with the customer service I have received from HP the manufacturer, I have finally given up the fight to send it off to my computer guy to see what he says about it, and what he could possibly do to fix it.  The laptop is going tomorrow.

I do have a desktop, but after using the laptop for sooo long, it is like going back to an archaic device.  Sitting at the desk, actually having nothing else to distract me while typing on a thunky keyboard that my son has accustomed to his own use, is something to get used to once again.

So, I have 6 reviews coming up – Direct Red, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Heresy, Wolf Hall, Lover Mine, along with 2 or three that I am trying to read at a breakneck pace to attempt to get caught up…YES, I have been slacking more than normal.

There are a few blog tours that are coming up that I am involved in as well in the works, so stay tuned for those.

Catherine McKenzie who is a best-selling author here in Canada for her first novel – SPIN started a neat group on Facebook to see if her theory of the so-called “Betty White” effect can be the same for books as it was for everyone on Facebook that voted her to host Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.  So far, she has over 200 people in her group that are challenged to read 2 books from one author she is championing for.  So, I urge you to go and join the group, buy the books and read to your heart’s content!  I believe that after these 2 books are read they will continue with others.

BEA (Book  Expo America) is around the bend.  I did think I would be able to go, but, unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year.  There is always next year right?

Oh, last thing – There is a cool thing happening on twitter right now for you book lovers.  It is called 1 Book 1 Twitter (#1b1t) where they have chosen to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  I was fortunate enough to  get a copy from the publisher, so I have been reading…so if you are already signed up, come and join us, among many others and see what you think of the book and what everyone is talking about regarding the book.

So, check out those links I gave you and get reading !


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