Armchair BEA Interview – Rachelle from Biblobabe

What is this you ask?  Well there are some of us that aren’t able to attend BEA in New York City this week, so some other bloggers came together and made Armchair BEA! So, since I signed up for this assignment, I was chosen to interview another blogger that is also participating, so here is my interview with Rachelle of Bibliobabe, enjoy !

Book Lists are interesting.  What about them is interesting to you, or what is it do you learn about then when looking at them or doing them? I love book lists mainly because they take the work out of finding good books.  Organizations, publications and literary critics scour all the books published in a particular year and choose their top picks.  They are usually amazing books, filled with robust characters, amazing stories and unforgettable settings.  One thing I find interesting is that each list seems to have a ‘flavor’ so that if you like one book on the list, you can usually find quite a few more.

You are new to blogging, what is it about blogging that you like or dislike? I love that I can post about anything I want – reviews, spotlights on awards and other blogs – anything that interests me about books and reading..  At first I had a hard time-sharing my thoughts on things – who cares what Rachelle thinks?  I was kind of stuffy at first (and probably still am) in writing my posts it has taken me a long time to let my natural voice come through.  I have really enjoyed meeting other bloggers…there are so many wonderful book bloggers out there.

You mentioned that you journal.  What are your journals about?!?  Are they being published? Or is it for a school assignment ? The journals are reading journals and have been published by Sourcebooks (April, 2010).  There is a fiction journal and a version for teens.  They each contain over 2,400 reading suggestions – all in the form of award and notable lists.  They have places to mark if you’ve read a title, would like to read it, would recommend it and would like to buy/borrow.  There are also sections to record a master to-read list, journal about what you are reading, record books borrowed and loaned and books you would recommend.  There are literary terms and blog and award lists in a resources section.  The fiction journal has all fiction titles mentioned – from the Pulitzer to Pennie’s Picks (Costco) and everything in between.  The teen version has reading suggestions in all genres of literary for teens 12 -18.  These include: fiction, historical fiction, paranormal, graphic novels, biographies/autobiographies, reluctant readers, college bound, social science and more.

Journaling great fun isn’t it ! Is there something specific that you journal about, or is it just about everything? – I journal about what I read.  This is usually words I don’t know (eek, too many!), passages to remember, thoughts about characters, setting and plot, things to research further and discussion points for my book club.

I think you are a lot like me when it comes to blogging and reading – most fiction and a tad of YA.  Are there specific types of YA that you will read, what are the ones that you will absolutely will not read? – I’m pretty easy when it comes to reading – if it gets a good recommendation, I all for it!  I am picky about the quality of writing, however, which is one reason I really like award and notable lists.  One thing I will not read is the ‘bodice ripping’ romance novels…not because of the subject manner (how could anyone resist that? hehe), mostly because I don’t care for that type of writing.

Are you a member of a book club? If you are, what is it about book clubs/ groups that you love or hate about them? – I am a member of a book club.  I love the social interaction of my group – squealing about books we love and dislike and sharing great recommendations.   I have a hard time with some of the book selections.  I’ve found that a lot of book groups don’t want to read anything harsh or depressing – everything has to have a happy ending.  With mainstream fiction, I prefer stories that are realistic and provide things to discuss.

How many books do you have on your To Be Read pile right now?? Can you give me a few titles? What ones are you looking forward to reading? – I have at least 100.  I am always gathering books – it’s the one thing I collect and rarely get rid of.  My husband and I sleep in my ‘library’ – our whole room in filled with book shelves.  I have one whole Ikea Billy shelf next to my side of the bed dedicated just to my TBR pile, as well as more books stacked on my nightstand.  My upcoming titles are quite a mix,  including: The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall, Things Come Undone by Chinua AchebeDead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark, Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast, The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, The River by Gary Paulsen, Brooklyn by Colm Toibin and In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien. I am really excited to read them all – but especially Dead Until Dark and Marked – I am so square for not having read these yet!

Have you ever bought a book based on the cover?  Were you disappointed, surprised, loved, hated it?? – Oh yeah.  I buy books that way all the time.  I don’t like to read the descriptions on the back of books – because I think they give away too much – so if I haven’t heard of a title before, I have to go by the cover.  Sometimes they are duds and I regret buying them, but often times it’s a newfound treasure!  One such book was The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Goff.

What is it about a book that would make you want to read it?? – I like good quality writing and a great story.  I’m not picky about genre, so as long as it’s a good read, I’m for it!

Thank you so much Rachelle for allowing me to do this, you have quite the TBR pile there !! And, so nice to meet you and get to talk to you !


3 thoughts on “Armchair BEA Interview – Rachelle from Biblobabe

  1. Those are some really good points about buying a book based on the cover! It never would have occurred to me to do that, but I can see how it might lead to some very enjoyable reads.

    • I know I’m attracted to interesting covers. I’ll look inside before buying to see if seems like it might be readable, ha. and, I’ve noticed that the books I get attracted to this way tend to have covers (or at least the spine) in my favorite colors!

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