Heresy – S. J. Parris

Giordano Bruno,  is a monk.  After being caught reading forbidden books, he is  chased by the inquisitor, so he flees Italy.

Bruno resurfaces in England many years later.  He is on the hunt for a book that was thought destroyed, but, information that Bruno has come across is said to be the opposite and possibly hiding in a college library at Oxford.

As a close personal friend of the French Ambassador, he is welcomed to Oxford for debating at the behest of the head of the college.  As soon as he arrives, the faculty as well as the students are weary.  Just about as soon as he is retired to his room, the unthinkable happens, one of the professors has been murdered.

Between the  murder, the students and faculty, Bruno is thrust into the middle of a historical thriller that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can read them sousing out who could have done this, as well of course the reasons why. – The people of the small town outside the college, to the very inside of the college itself, to people who live around the edges, to another religious sect in another country.  The twists and turns of who is accused, who isn’t, but who are  in the background along with their own secrets will have you engrossed in this engaging thriller from long ago.

It was a rather interesting time to read about a thriller/murder/ mystery.  The way they used to find the suspects are nothing like they are today with everything high-tech and gadgetry like it is now.  Not only was the time period for me intriguing, it was the way the author stepped out with all of the double and triple crossing that was happening along with the main plot, waiting to be all tied together when at last the finale is revealed.  Interesting time period as I had mentioned before for people believing in what they wanted to believe in and not what they were told to believe in, what was forbidden and if you were caught you were either burned at the stake or killed.



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